Data matters are human matters: Final Living With Data report summarises 3 years of findings

25 Oct 2022 News

New resources from Living With Data!

1 Aug 2022 News

Findings from Living With Data interviews and focus groups

12 Jul 2022 News

Living With Data @ the 4th International Data Power conference, June 2022

30 Jun 2022 News

‘Key terms for a critical theory of living with data’, a Living With Data panel at #ICA22

19 May 2022 News

Reflections on the links between Living With Artificial Intelligence BBC Reith Lectures and Living With Data  

9 May 2022 News

Living With Data talks and events in 2022

20 Mar 2022 News

Do contact-tracing apps have a future? New article from team member Itzelle Medina-Perea

17 Mar 2022 News published externally published externally

Living With Data roundup

16 Dec 2021 News

Culture Data & Research Network – CDRN.UK – Collective of U.K. Arts and Heritage professionals working with data in the arts.

9 Dec 2021 News