About Living With Data


Living With Data is a programme of research which aim to understand what it’s like to live with data and related phenomena like AI and automation.

Supporters of datafication (a term to describe the way in which many aspects of social life are increasingly transformed into quantitative data) argue that data-driven change results in a wide range of benefits. Critics are concerned about the harms and risks that result from widespread datafication. But what do diverse members of the public think? How does datafication affect them? What do they know about it, how do they experience it, how do they think and feel about it? All of the Living With Data research projects are all concerned about living with data – that is, how datafication is affecting the lives of ordinary people, the relationships between data and agency, and between data and inequalities, and whether ‘good’ data uses are possible.

Current research, called Living With Data: knowledge, experiences and perceptions of data practices, is funded by The Nuffield Foundation. It runs from September 2019 to May 2022. Previous research has been funded by AHRC, ESRC, EPSRC, BBC R&D and the Norwegian Research Council.