Living With Data survey findings: context and prior awareness matter in public concern about data uses

5 Jul 2021 NewsPublication

culture is bad for you, book cover

New Book: ‘Culture is bad for you’

7 Oct 2020 NewsPublication

New article on public perceptions of good data management, led by Todd Hartman

2 Jul 2020 NewsPublication

New article on the complex factors that shape public trust in data practices and data-driven systems

11 Jun 2020 NewsPublication

Living With Data publishes our extensive review of research into public understanding and perceptions of data gathering and analysis.

21 May 2020 NewsPublication

New article on inequality and public perceptions of datafication by three members of the Living With Data team.

6 Mar 2020 NewsPublication

New data on diversity in the UK games industry published today

4 Feb 2020 NewsPublication

A Data Power Special Issue of Online Information Review

15 Oct 2019 NewsPublication

Measuring Social Mobility in the Creative and Cultural Industries

10 Oct 2019 NewsPublication