Helen Kennedy

helen kennedy

Helen Kennedy is Professor of Digital Society at the University of Sheffield. Over 20+ years, she has researched how digital developments are experienced by citizens/publics/’ordinary people’ and how these experiences can inform the work of digital media practitioners. She is currently interested in the datafication of everyday life. She is researching public attitudes to data […]

Jo Bates

Jo Bates

Jo Bates is Senior Lecturer in Information Politics and Policy at the University of Sheffield. Her research is situated in the field of Critical Data Studies – an interdisciplinary field that uses critical social theory approaches to examine the social drivers, implications and power relations of emergent forms of data and algorithmic practices. Jo works […]

Hannah Ditchfield

Hannah Ditchfield

Hannah Ditchfield is a Research Associate at the University of Sheffield. Hannah’s research interests centre on issues of digital media and everyday life. Previously, she has researched how ordinary social media users interact and present identity on platforms such as Facebook and is interested in applying innovative, digitally mediated, methods to her work. She has […]

Monika Fratczak

monika fratczak

Monika Fratczak joined the Living With Data team in 2022 after completing her PhD, which explored emotional responses and (potential) democratic participation through data visualisation about climate change in two different national contexts. She is working on Living With Data reports, archiving data in ways which make it findable and accessible, and developing resources to enable others to […]

Todd Hartman

todd hartman

Todd Hartman is Senior Lecturer in Quantitative Social Science and Director of the Sheffield Q-Step Centre at the Sheffield Methods Institute. He is a political psychologist with international expertise in survey research and experimental design. His research explores the psychological underpinnings of public opinion and mass political behaviour, and his work has been featured in […]

Rhia Jones

Rhia Jones

Rhia Jones Rhia Jones is human data interaction lead at BBC Research & Development. She leads a programme of research that deals with critical questions arising from the increasing use of data at the BBC and in public service broadcasting more generally. She works with university and industry partners to conduct timely research that can […]

Itzelle Medina-Perea

Itzelle Medina-Perea

Itzelle Medina-Perea is a PhD student at the University of Sheffield. She is researching the socio-cultural factors that promote, slow down, or block the movement of specific forms of personal patient data between different social actors within, and beyond, the health care sector in the UK. Through her research she aims to gain understanding of […]

Susan Oman

susan oman

Susan Oman is Lecturer in Data, AI & Society at the University of Sheffield. Susan researches how data works in context, and in relation to particular policy issues, including well-being, loneliness, inequality and class. Her research focuses on the role of knowledge in social change. She seeks to develop practice and policy-relevant understanding through methodologically […]

Lulu Pinney

lulu pinney

Lulu Pinney is a PhD student at the University of Sheffield. She is researching the skills needed to make sense of data, charts and graphs, one factor that impacts who gets to participate in our data-driven society. Through action research with community organisations and an ethnography of their data visualisation practice, she aims to better […]

Robin Steedman

robin steedman

Robin Steedman is a Postdoctoral Researcher in Creative and Cultural Industries in Africa at Copenhagen Business School. She is interested in global creative and cultural industries, and in questions of diversity and inequality in media production, distribution, and viewership. Robin has worked on and contributed to several projects such as Signing in, Views on Data […]