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6 Oct 2021 News

The event which will feature guest speakers and panel discussion on the legal, ethical, policy and operational challenges, as well as the impact of data-driven approaches on civil society, children and young people, and public perceptions of data use.

Living With Data’s Helen Kennedy will give the keynote address, entitled ‘The politics of public perception: what’s at stake in researching people’s views on data’. In the talk, she will offer insights from Living With Data research into people’s thoughts and feelings about data-related phenomena, questioning the usefulness of the notion of ‘the public’ and the framing of public perceptions research around questions about people’s willingness to share their data. Drawing on recent Nuffield Foundation-funded research, she will highlight what statistics don’t tell us about public perceptions of data uses, why attending to inequalities matter, and how these relate to trust and distrust. She will conclude with some reflections on the politics of influencing data policy with public perceptions research.

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