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26 Oct 2020 EventNews

We’re excited that three members of the ‘Living with Data’ team are presenting at this year’s Association of Internet Research (AoIR) conference. AoIR is ‘an academic association dedicated to the promotion of critical and scholarly Internet research independent from traditional disciplines and existing across academic borders’ with this year’s event being held virtually between 26th-31st October 2020. 

Find out what Helen, Itzelle and Hannah are doing below and follow discussions live via #AoIR2020.

Professor Helen Kennedy

helen kennedy

Is participating in this year’s conference plenary panel discussion on ‘Living Data’. Other panelists include Rob Kitchin and Seeta Pena Gangadharan. The panel will discuss what it means to live with, through, and in response to the datafication of our everyday encompassing a diverse set of approaches – spatiality, questions of social justice, everyday life – to critically engage with datafication. Underlying this discussion is the question of whether “good” data processes, or living well with data, is possible. Helen’s talk will focus on issues of inequalities, trust, fairness and knowledge. 

Itzelle Medina-Perea

Itzelle Medina-Perea

Has contributed a panel video for ‘The Algorithmic You: Data Subjects’ titled: ‘Exploring the life of patient data in the UK health sector’. Itzelle presents initial findings from her doctoral research which investigates the circulation of data in the UK health sector and how it is reused for secondary purposes outside of the sector. Her research works to illuminate how and why socio-material factors shape the circulation of patient data and what the perceptions of the public are in relation to the use of health data. Itzelle will use the insights from this study to develop recommendations on ‘just’ practices in data sharing to make data flows in the healthcare sector more transparent for the public. 

Dr Hannah Ditchfield

Hannah Ditchfield

Has contributed an extended abstract and panel video for ‘Internet Identities’ titled:  ‘Presenting perfection: constructing identity in the rehearsal stage of online interaction’. This research is taken from Hannah’s PhD and focuses on how social media users construct their identities in the ‘pre-post’ space of interaction online: that is, the space where users can edit their content before sending or posting to intended audiences and profiles. Hannah presents the theoretical contributions of her work introducing the concept of ‘the rehearsal stage’ and discusses the methodological approach of using screen capture in online research.