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Living With Data: knowledge, experiences and perceptions of data practices has carried out an extensive review of existing empirical research into public understanding and perceptions of data practices. The review was published on 21 May 2020. Click on the links below to access the full report, a short and accessible summary, or the accompanying list of references.

Living With Data will also deliver the following outputs:

  • Preliminary reports at the end of empirical research stages;
  • An overall end-of-project report.
  • All of the above reports will freely and publicly available;
  • End of project events for non-academic stakeholders (data practitioners and policy-makers, data ethics, literacy and justice advocates; open data advocates; research participants), which we will organise;
  • Domain-specific reports (health, welfare and media) for the three domains included as cases in the research;
  • Insights shared periodically at conferences, workshops, in blogposts and via other traditional, digital and social media targeted at stakeholders and broader audiences, on our project website, and amongst research participants; 
  • Academic journal articles.