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The project will result in the following outputs:

  • Two syntheses of previous research, published as short reports at the beginning and end of the project;
  • Three preliminary reports at the end of each stage of empirical research;
  • An overall end-of-project report. All of the above reports will freely and publicly available;
  • Two end of project events, one in London & one in the North, for non-academic stakeholders (data practitioners and policy-makers, data ethics, literacy and justice advocates; open data advocates; research participants), which we will organise;
  • A domain-specific report for each of the three domains included as cases in the research;
  • Insights shared periodically throughout the project at conferences, workshops, in blogposts and via other traditional, digital and social media targeted at stakeholders and broader audiences, on our project website, and amongst research participants; 
  • Four academic journal articles; input into an academic book to be authored by Kennedy.

Advisory group

An Advisory Group (AG) will be established to bring expert advice into the project and to engage relevant stakeholders. The AG will advise on all of the key stages of the research, including: final research design; communications plan; research implementation and analysis; outputs, dissemination and engagement. AG composition (to be finalised if the funding application is successful) will include some of: 

  • collaborators from case or related organisations; 
  • policy stakeholders;
  • domain experts; 
  • ethical/social tech sector;
  • methods experts; 
  • civil society.